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NBA (Australia)
Flyer & digital marketing

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Christie & Co
Editorial & Digital

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Electric Group Brixton


Design a brochure to advertise the expansion of Electric Group live music venues. Clearly display the existing clubs, Brixton and Bristol and include all of the important content from potential properties to site requirements and locations.

Property Focus Brochures

Christie Care


To create a logo that reflects the Christie & Co branding which will be used to communicate the ongoing support for our staff company wide, the brand will be used to communicate activities, staff socials and experiences and one and one opportunities to support mental health and wellness within the company across all European and International offices

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Create a campaign to reposition the British Army as an employer of choice and compel young people from all parts of British society to join up as Regular Army soldiers.

Solution - To show the youth of today that joining the army as a soldier does not necessarily mean that you will be fighting in combat.

Not Just In Combat


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Sinemis Beauty & Wellbeing


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